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ZOZEN rallies around the green initiative of the Belt and Road

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The Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation has come to a successful end. The sub-forum of going green issued the Belt and Road initiative of going green abroad, applying the idea of sustainable development to the all aspects and the whole process of The Belt and Road construction. This also offers the opportunity for ZOZEN with the globalization strategy, marching into the markets of the Belt and Road countries and regions.

The director of ZOZEN international trade department indicated: nowadays, ZOZEN products had been exported to over 40 the Belt and Road countries and regions, including Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Turkmenistan, Russia, Pakistan, Singapore, Korea, Jordan, Nigeria, South Africa, the UAE, etc. For 2018 year alone, ZOZEN export sales of the Belt and Road countries and regions exceeded $43.6 million.

The booming development in overseas market profits from insisting on technological innovation and cultivating professional technical service team for overseas market. ZOZEN high efficient eco-friendly boilers and comprehensive after-sales service have gained favor from the customers of the Belt and Road countries and regions.

As always, the government of Malaysia has formulated relevant policies on energy, concentrating on exploitation and utilization of the renewable energy sources. Malaysia is located in the tropical region, and its biomass energy is abundant, therefore, most of enterprises in Malaysia will choose biomass energy as boiler fuel. Considering the complexity of biomass fuel composition, the new type biomass-fired boiler developed by ZOZEN reasonably arranges the furnace arch, furnace wall and furnace heating area, enabling the the thermal efficiency to reach up to 88% while effectively decreasing the NOx emissions. ZOZEN new type biomass-fired boilers are widely applied in food, textile and paper industry in Malaysia.

ZOZEN rallies around the green initiative of the Belt and Road

The textile industry is the important pillar industry in Pakistan. Recent years, the textile industry in Pakistan is suffering a bottleneck due to high operating cost, low product competitiveness and weak performance of the international market. Improving the product quality as well as reducing operating costs is the key for improving the core competitiveness of the whole industry. the boiler system is one of the major energy consuming equipment, providing thermal support for multiple production processes in textile industry, introducing energy-saving boilers help enterprises achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction. The well-developed energy-saving steam boiler and organic heat carrier boiler have the wide fuel adaptability, the characteristics of high efficiency and low consumption have successfully accelerated the enterprise upgrading in Pakistan.

The belt and road is the path both toward economic prosperity and green development. In the future, ZOZEN will integrate into the green initiative of the Belt and Road, carry on adhering to innovation-driven, expand overseas market territory and achieve a win-win situation with more partners.

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